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Construction Accident Case Timeline

Were you or a loved one injured and have questions about the construction accident case timeline? Watch this video to learn how long a case can take.


How long will my construction accident claim take in Florida?


Construction Accident Case Timeline Clients ask, usually without fail, how long it’s going to take to bring their construction site accident case to conclusion. That’s a good question, particularly in our environment now with COVID-19, since all of our courthouses were closed. We have had a backlog of cases that are just now beginning to be processed in the different counties, Nassau County, Duval County, and the surrounding counties. We have developed a plan to move the new cases, move the old cases, but there will be delays. Under ordinary circumstances, we used to say it would take 9 to 14 months. Now it’s probably going to be longer than that. Eventually we will settle back to normal scheduling, but right now, you can expect your case in litigation probably to last a couple of years easily. If you’ve been hurt in a construction site accident in Nassau County, Duval County, surrounding counties of northeast Florida or southeast Georgia, call us. We’ll go over all those things and more and see how best we can help you.

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