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Choosing a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Are you selecting a spinal cord injury attorney? Learn what you should look for in an attorney in this video. Then, call our Nassau County attorneys.


How do I choose an attorney for a spinal cord injury in Florida?


Choosing a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney With someone who’s been hurt in an accident and has suffered a spinal cord injury, those are very serious cases with serious consequences. When someone asks how to go about getting a lawyer to represent them in a case like that, we tell them they need a lawyer who has been around a while and taken on cases in the personal injury field.

For example, our attorneys have practiced personal injury work from the very beginning. It has been anywhere from 50 to 95% of our practice. Of that, we have handled many spinal cord injury cases. They require experience in the medicine; they require experience in determining liability of whose fault it is and a host of other considerations that you just cannot get with an inexperienced lawyer. The Number One consideration is experience. If you’ve been hurt in Northeast Florida, in Nassau County, Duval County, Southeast Georgia, call us today. Our practice is devoted almost exclusively to personal injury work, including spinal cord injuries. If you’ve had a spinal cord injury, call us. We’ll sit down and determine how best we can help you.

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