Brain and Spinal Injuries 

In the state of Florida, damages from traumatic brain injury and spinal cord cases may easily exceed six figures. Because brain and spinal cord injuries typically require extended, long-term medical care, injured parties require an experienced personal injury lawyer (as well as a team of experts) to evaluate and calculate both present and future medical expenses.

Effects of brain and spinal cord injuries can cause permanent disabilities. Therefore, any personal injury lawyer must consider the long-term implication of the client’s injuries in arriving at a case value that offers adequate and sufficient compensation for the injured party for all of the expenses related to their injuries. 

Evaluating severe traumatic brain injuries require the consideration of many present and future factors. The past medical costs incurred because of the serious brain injury must be established. This may be a simple calculation of medical bills for past services. 

As to future expenses, it will likely be necessary to have an expert witness establish the complete amount of future medical expenses necessary for recovery, and whether any recovery will be partial or complete. Also, whether the injury results in permanent disability is an important factor to be considered in assessing the overall loss.

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